Team Rocket Shine knocks 'em down and shoots 'em up...

Our entire staff gathered last night at Headpinz Fort Myers for some fun.  Food, drinks, bowling, VR games, and laser tag provided some well-deserved relaxation for a great crew.

Although... take one look at Brando in the VR or Ryan's face while preparing to roll, and it's hard to call that "relaxed."

We're coming to Punta Gorda!

We'll update soon with the details, but we are working closely with the City Staff of Punta Gorda to open a great new car wash up there!  Our environmentally friendly facility will provide all the car washing needs of a great town, including exterior washes with do-it-yourself vacs, full service washes (where we clean the interior), and even detailing, too!  

We look forward to bringing jobs, services, a great attitude, lots of community initiatives, and a beautiful site to a beautiful town.

Rocket Shine Supports the Harry Chapin Food Bank

This is old news, but it can't go unreported...

Rocket Shine Car Wash is proud to support the Harry Chapin Food Bank (HCFB).  Several months ago, our employees voted to donate 25% of their tips to HCFB, which the company matches dollar-for-dollar.  We stop by the HCFB every three months or so to remit the donations.

Every time you give a tip at Rocket Shine Car Wash, besides getting excellent service, half of your tip will go to the Harry Chapin Food Bank.

Here's HCFB Director of Development Miriam Pereira with CEO Max Levine and manager Ryan Depontbriand dropping off a check for over $1,000 back in September.

Rocket Shine Partners with Florida Guardian ad Litem!

Nobody needs help more than abused, abandoned, and neglected kids. That's why Rocket Shine Car Wash is proud to announce its support of the Guardian ad Litem (GAL) program for the 20th Judicial Circuit of Florida.

GAL volunteers are a voice within the child welfare and family court systems for kids who don't yet have safe, permanent homes. GAL volunteers are also mentors and role models, helping kids get social services, good care, and everything from prom dresses to tutoring services and extracurricular activities.

GAL volunteers and staff drive all around Southwest Florida supporting kids in need, so we've created a "Thank You Card" that entitles active volunteers and staff to two free washes a month at Rocket Shine Car Wash.  It's a small perk, but here's hoping that having clean, shiny cars makes their important work a little more comfortable.

Click here to get involved in GAL's important work.  Below is Mandy Goldenberg, Volunteer Recruiter and our first "Thank You Card" recipient!

Updated renderings for Bonita...

Here are some pictures of our upcoming site in Bonita.  With a few tiny tweaks, these accurately represent our site plan and landscaping.

A lot of folks have raised legitimate questions about how a car wash will look (and sound) on U.S. 41.  Well... here it is.  We hope you agree that this will be a vast improvement of the area on U.S. 41 that we occupy: south of the Lock-Up, north of the Advance Auto shop.  

The last picture shows the view from the Arroyal neighborhood.  We've specifically designed the site layout and the landscaping to present a pleasant and minimal visual impact to the residents nearest the wash.  And we conducted tests with sound engineers to make sure that we meet all applicable standards for noise pollution.  (We're well below the noise coming from U.S. 41.)