Rocket Shine Partners with Florida Guardian ad Litem!

Nobody needs help more than abused, abandoned, and neglected kids. That's why Rocket Shine Car Wash is proud to announce its support of the Guardian ad Litem (GAL) program for the 20th Judicial Circuit of Florida.

GAL volunteers are a voice within the child welfare and family court systems for kids who don't yet have safe, permanent homes. GAL volunteers are also mentors and role models, helping kids get social services, good care, and everything from prom dresses to tutoring services and extracurricular activities.

GAL volunteers and staff drive all around Southwest Florida supporting kids in need, so we've created a "Thank You Card" that entitles active volunteers and staff to two free washes a month at Rocket Shine Car Wash.  It's a small perk, but here's hoping that having clean, shiny cars makes their important work a little more comfortable.

Click here to get involved in GAL's important work.  Below is Mandy Goldenberg, Volunteer Recruiter and our first "Thank You Card" recipient!